February 23rd, 2007


Elimination voting

In a week about home, and the places we have left behind, we leave two more contestants behind: both changed_4good and frabjudication have bowed out of the competition during the course of the week.

However, this still leaves us with an elimination with the *5* people who missed the deadline.

This round is double elimination, so remember to vote to keep your favorites in! The two with the lowest votes will be eliminated.

The poll will be open until Monday Feb 26 at 3 pm. EST (GMT -5)

Good luck.

Poll #933725 LJ Idol, Season Three, Week Five

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Season Three, Week Five, Special Voting

So here we are again - another week, another reward vote.

Sooner or later, these *will* stop, so I guess all I can say is to enjoy them while they last.

I'm throwing a *second* immunity out there. There can only be two in play at any one time, so until welfy uses hers or this one is used, there will be no more!!

So decide wisely, who do you want to have immunity?

As with the first, this is good until the top 25 and can be used for yourself or to save someone else from elimination.

The voting starts now and will continue until Monday Feb 26 at 3 pm EST (GMT -5)

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