February 16th, 2007


The polls are open!

justkimu left us this week for personal reasons.

But there were still two more eliminations on tap.

As of a couple days ago it looked like half of you would be on the chopping block!

But you started getting your entries in. Bit by bit they came.

Until there were four. I waited. I waited an extra half hour in fact.

Two people still missed the deadline, and so our two boots for this week are: comradecharlie and deuceloosely! NOT two names I was expecting to say anytime soon, and yet, here we are! That's why you can never predict these things — the human factor is far too great!

So what "reward/special vote" is going to happen this time?

If you win, you can choose the topic for next week. You've seen how much a topic can impact this competition, so make sure you give this power to the right person! It's an open vote so, unlike last week, anyone can take part.
Obviously, heykatie has the Topsy Turvey power, so if she contacts me at clauderainsrm@gmail.com before the deadline to let me know she wants to use it, then the results will be turned upside down and the person with the fewest votes will have their say.

Voting is open until Monday Feb 19th at noon EST (GMT -5). Good luck!

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