February 5th, 2007

lj idol

Lastest boot and... THE NEW TOPIC

98643512 is the latest to be eliminated from the competition.

Given the circumstances for both of the individuals who missed the deadline, it was a tough call for people to have to make. Hopefully everyone from now on will make the deadline and we won't have to have "special votes" and get down to the matter at hand!

While we are waiting for the outcome of the special vote for immunity,(I'll be posting that result, along with the Green Room, later) I figured that I might as well get you folk started on THIS WEEK'S TOPIC!

Considering last week's topic, I figured we'd completely shift gears on you and have some fun!!!*G*

Topic: "My Biggest Mistake and What I Hope that I Have Learned From it"

Deadline is Friday Feb 9th at noon EST (GMT -5). As usual, link your entry back here!
lj idol

Green Room (and immunity results)

Anyone who thought popfiend had things wrapped up last week is no doubt on the floor right now!

welfy has won immunity!

She can use it to save herself, or someone else, from now until the Top 25. (*to save someone else, I just need to be notified before the vote results are officially announced. for any questions welfy or anyone else, feel free to email me clauderainsrm@gmail.com

Now that it's out of the way, I'll just mention once again that this week is a double elimination. Which is going to make things a little more interesting. Hopefully everyone makes the deadline, even those of you who love to slide in just under the wire! *G*


So, who deserved more attention than they received last week?

Who are you looking forward to reading *this* week?

Um, nice weather we're having huh?

How about that (insert cultural reference here), pretty cool huh?