February 2nd, 2007


Only two hours left!

There are still ten people who need to get their entries in for Week Two of Season Three!

armagedonkitty *
crushdmb *
spiderandi *

Those with asterisks after their names didn't turn in an entry last week, and will be considered to have quit voluntarily.

Go here to post your entries!

And a general FYI, if there are anonymous, insulting comments, I will delete them. If they are "anonymous," but the person left their name . . . I might leave them and let the insulted person handle it on their own.
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SO close! I thought for sure everyone was going to get in this week.

Alas, that was not to be. HOWEVER, that does mean that everyone who did will advance to fight on another day.

There was one voluntary resignation: sheta_kaey has left our ranks as a contestant.

There were three who missed their second deadline and so are considered to have "quit": armageddonkitty, crushdmb and spiderandi.

Which means that before we even get to this week's elimination, the field has already lost 4.

It is about to lose a fifth.
There were two people who missed the deadline, and since the double eliminations don't start until NEXT week, one of them is safe.(unless they miss next week and then will be considered a quit.)

vote for who to keep in the competition


There will be a special vote coming soon. So keep your eyes open for that.

In the meantime, vote for which one of these folks to keep in the competition.

The poll opens now and you can vote until Monday Feb. 5th at noon EST.

(* NOTE: See comments. Both of them did turn in an entry after this poll went up, but missed the deadline and so are still up for possible elimination.)

Season Three, Week Two, Special Voting Session

Our second "special voting" session.

Last time we gave out the right to name the following week's topic. You saw what a big deal that was as far as its impact.

This week, we go with something a little bigger: Immunity.

That's right — we're giving immunity to the person who comes up with the most votes this week.

You can use it for yourself, or use to it save someone else, between next week and THE TOP 25.

Use this right, and you can find yourself a guaranteed spot in the top 25. Which doesn't sound all that amazing, but when you consider how heavy the competition is going to be to get there, it's a big deal.

Voting starts now, and ends Monday Feb 5th at 1:00pm EST (GM -5)

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