January 29th, 2007

lj idol

First eliminated and reminder on special vote

The first person to be eliminated from Season 3 - by ONE vote is thirdstringpal

It's always hard to vote someone off first, especially when you don't know what the circumstances are. Maybe he didn't see the entry in the first place! But that unfortunately is how things break sometimes.


Reminder: There is less than an hour in the special vote to determine who will be handing out your topic assignment for this week!

There are a couple people leading the pack, out ahead of the others, but things are change in a hurry!
lj idol

results and WEEK TWO TOPIC

In a vote that completely blew away all previous record numbers for voting at LJ Idol, popfiend came out on top and won the first of our special votes.

We have a long season ahead of us though, and no one who has ever come out of the blocks in first has ever won. Will popfiend be the first OR do the rest of you have some surprises in store as the weeks unfold?

I have a feeling that this contest is going to get a lot closer once elimination is on the line for the bulk of you!

Since I've already received the topic of the week, here it is!

FROM popfiend

"On LJ, it's easy for us to write what's bad about ourselves. Self-deprication is often a daily theme. But this week's topic is about doing something different. This week's topic is: I'm Super, Thanks for Asking! Tell everyone about what makes you special, what makes you great, why you are awesome! Pump up the volume and pump up yourself!!!

The deadline to link your entries back here (to this post) is Friday Feb 2nd at noon EST!

Good luck to all of you!
lj idol

The Green Room (hanging out with your LJ Idols)

Much like last week, I decided to set up a place where people can just sit around and talk instead of confusing onyxblue1 with too many posts to the topic thread.

Just to throw something out there - was anyone surprised by some really good entries not getting as much support as they were expecting? If you see a good one, from someone else, feel free to hype it!!