January 10th, 2007


Interview with our congenial host/FAQ

I have interviewed our congenial host, the man who brought us LJ Idol, clauderainsrm. Hopefully, this will answer questions that you in the reading audience, and those of you who hope to become contestants, may have. This post will be added to the memories, and a link to it will be added to the community profile page, for easy reference.

LJ Idol: How did you come up with the idea for LJ Idol?
clauderainsrm: I'm a HUGE reality show fan who is always looking for a new way to get my friends list to interact with each other. Heh, plus I was bored. The idea seemed obvious to me, I'm astounded that it didn't already exist!

LJ Idol: Who can be a contestant?
clauderainsrm: Anyone with an LJ, interest, and some time on their hands!

LJ Idol: Do you have to join the community?
clauderainsrm: You don't HAVE to, but it doesn't hurt as far as keeping up with the new topics and voting goes. There are also certain weeks when the voting is "friends only" , so you might be shorting yourself out of a vote that week. But if you're ok with that, I'm ok with it.

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