October 10th, 2006

lj idol


Wow, another close one! But unfortunately we have to say goodbye to someone and this week it is cult favorite twisted_badger. I'm going to miss the weekly reminding her to unlock her entries.*g*


But as we look back to the passing of another contestant from our ranks, we look forward to the new topic!

I've had this one in mind for awhile, but the timing is all the recent comments about promotion and bringing in new blood for a possible season 3 as well as requests that after several weeks of "heavy" topics I throw in a slow pitch or two.*g*

We all have our favorite "reads" from our friends list, people who's entries we just can't wait to read. Maybe there's always something interesting going on - maybe they are just such entertaining writers that they could write the phone book and make it seem fascinating!

Maybe they just have that special, undefined "charm" that attracts people to them!

All of these of course are also things that translate well into our little competition!

So, in the interests of blatant self-promotion and just plain wanting to give you the chance to talk ABOUT your friends...

"WHO - from your friends list - do you think would do well in LJ Idol?"

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