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Green Room - Week 8 - Day 4

I've been wondering about the general make up of this season's contestants and various interactions I've been following. I will say for the most part everyone has been extremely mature and well mannered in dealing with each other. So thank you for that. It seems a weird thing to be thanking adults for, but - well, there's no guarantee how people are going to behave, especially when they are competing!*G*

Before I said anything else "meta" I wanted to say *that*.

Heh, ok, that's out of the way.

It was pointed out to me that the ratio between newbies and veterans was about 2-1 now. Which considering the sheer volume of newbies this season tells me that the veterans are well entrenched and less likely to be eliminated due to missing deadlines. They also know that things can and will shake out sooner or later so even during what seems like a lull they are keeping an eye on things.

I think there are quite a few newbies out there who haven't been "noticed" yet. Sure, there are some who seem like old favorites already. But there is a lot of fresh new voices who deserve to be heard. I know this season seems to have generated a dislike for "pimping" each other on "rec lists" among the rank and file. (Every season is a little different on what people decide to do or not do obviously.)

I am curious though how - or even if - you think people should get the word out about some of the less vocal members of the community who are, in your opinion, producing exceptional work that might not be pulling in the votes you think that it should. (mostly because other people aren't calling attention to it!)

Who are some of the unsung heroes of the season thus far?

And heck - just because I feel like lobbing a grenade into the room and seeing who is going to wiggle the pin - who is completely overrated/sitting back and coasting?*G*


While I'm here - Happy Birthday to former contestant and long time Idol supporter miintikwa. Anyone who's at all interested in tarot readings should know that she's doing a one card reading today on her LJ for anyone who wants one. Just remember to come back here when you're done!*G*

***Also - remember to say Happy Birthday to shadowwolf13!!
Tags: day 04, green room, season 5, week 8
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