clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Start time announced!!!

My original plan had been to wait until Feb - but with the overwhelming numbers who have signed up thus far and the sheer enthuasiam that I am feeling from all of you, I have decided to move the start date up - to MONDAY JAN 22ND!!! That will be when the first topic will be posted.

If you know anyone else who wants to sign up - there is still time!!

For the first time EVER in LJ Idol history I am extending the sign up right up to the FIRST TOPIC DEADLINE. (which will be sometime on Friday Jan 26th.) Which means there is no "oh, I came too late!" excuse. You can make up your mind, and submit your entry right up to the time of the first vote!!

Tell your friends! Tell your family! Gather the kids and put them to work making LJ IDOL t-shirts! Grab random people off the street and sit them down in front of a computer to watch the BIGGEST LJ IDOL SEASON YET unfold!!!

If you are sitting on the fence about being involved in this one, man, your butt must be sore! Hop on down and join in the fun!!!

edit to addjust click to sign up:
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