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Eliminations and Run Off

It's that time again. My least favorite time of the week. Monday at lunch. Which means it's time to announce the eliminations for the week.

It's hard at the end because you've gotten to know everyone so well. It's hard in a different way at the start because you are just getting to know people and see the promise of where they might be able to go. That's true of all four of these people leaving us this week.


Yes. Because there is another tie. Which means there is another run off.

But before we ge to that we need to say goodbye to


I hope that all of you stick around and play the home game. You never know what is going to happen next! People have been brought back into the game before!

As for the run off, it is between two members of the hyper-competitive Tribe 2! The poll opens now and closes tomorrow Tuesday October 7th at 1pm EST.

Poll #1273505 Week 2 Run off
This poll is closed.

Vote for your favorites!

Tags: eliminations, season 5, tie-breaker, week 2

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