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Green Room, Week 3, Day 1

Good morning.

You've had questions, and so here's some generalized answers. I *think* most things that have come up over the last couple of days will be covered, but I'm quite sure that means I'm wrong!*g*


Anyone who follows "American Football" (or played last season) already knows what this is - but for the rest of you it's a chance to *not* write a topic and still not be eliminated. You just have to declare (in the topic post) that you will be taking a "bye".

This season (unlike last one) you DO HAVE TO DECLARE IT . Just wanted to bold that to make sure people see it. It's *not* automatic this season.

Between now and the Top 75 you will have *1* bye to use. Note that's not a set amount of time, we could reach it in several months or we could reach it tomorrow. So using your bye is a matter of when it works best for you.



The original set up for the tribes was by size of friends list, which was a "potential voters" mark coming in. It doesn't mean that everyone is going to actually be able to pull in that many votes. If you look at Tribe 5's numbers you'll see that having large friends lists is by no means a guarantee.

When performance warrants it, I shift things around by moving people to a higher number tribe. The point is to make sure that every tribe is kept competitive.

Which is a reason why people aren't moved *down* a tribe. It would be very tempting for people to "play possum", doing just barely enough to get by in the first couple of weeks, get dropped to a lower tribe and coast for weeks on end. Yes, more people end up in the higher tribes. But eventually things will even out.

But why are the numbers of the tribes not even? I've seen that question too. The answer isn't very technical but I think it makes the most sense: The "breaks" in tribes happen where there is a gap of a few votes between the highest in one tribe and the lowest in the other.

So people with 61, 62, 63 votes are more likely to be in the same tribe. But if the next person in the line has 66 votes, they were more likely to be in the next tribe. It's more of an "eyeballing" thing but from what I've seen over the season it ends up working pretty well.

The tribes/weight classes are all about keeping things competitive for everyone and shaking things up as part of evening out the friends lists early on.

How long will the tribes last? Heh. Not answering that one.*g*


Voting - make sure to vote to keep in your favorites!

I've seen this particular question a couple times. Veterans, and some enterprising newbies have been answering it. But it keeps coming up - so I'll address it here just in case there is still anyone who is wondering.

With the "click boxes" (as opposed to radio buttons) you can vote for as many (or few) people in each tribe as you want! There is no limit other than your personal limit of how many entries you have enjoyed!

If you notice there is usually a time when everyone's total jumps by 1 vote. I tend to vote for everybody!*g*



It's what's for dinner.


libra_dragon and kiwiria

Happy Birthday!


Your day

Have a good one.

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