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Green Room - Sign Up Week - Day 6

Although I guess technically, sign up week sort of ended yesterday.

I get to do the Green Room today so I can introduce myself to all the new kids (on the block).  I am Kithan.  I do Tech Support for Gary.  This is a slightly reduced role from what it was last year because I don't have unlimited net access and an office at work anymore.  I took a new job in May which I love, but he is not fond of it since I can't be at his beck and call all day anymore.  ;-)

I'm going to link here to the introduction entry I did when I was a contestant in Season 3.  That will give you some idea as to who I am.

Veteran contestants and observers will tell you that I am a big proponent of cheeto bribery and none of your bacon is safe when I'm around.  Also, please do not stand between me and the Pepsi.  You will only get hurt.

If you read the intro thingy and you want to friend me, go ahead.  I probably won't bite.  Maybe.

I ask for your patience with regard to poll-posting this year because it will be a challenge with me not having as much access as before.  Fortunately, n_decisive has joined the team to help out.  And please, understand that with this many contestants, a perfect poll is nigh on impossible, but we do our best to not make any errors with contestants and links.  :)

I could write more, but I just woke up and I really need to take a shower and get moving on my day.  I'll be back later tonight to respond to comments and/or questions.  (Oh yeah.  If you have any questions about me or about what I do...  just ask.)

With that...  a reminder to post your Week 0 entries here:

Deadline is Monday!

Have a great Saturday!

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