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Results and the FINAL topic

dissolvedgurl was eliminated today.

If you saw the numbers coming in from the first day, you figured that would be how it would go down. But if you followed the entire week of voting... oh my what a different story.

She came back.

Then tru2myart surged back ahead, and dissolvedgurl almost made another come back in the last few hours!!!

and oh, wikkidpixie went from running away with it to having both of her competitors within inches of toppling her lead!!

If this week didn't get your pulses racing and keep you on the edge of your seat I'd check, you might be dead!!!

Going into this round, the season high for votes was in the mid-30s. ALL THREE of the competitors beat that mark this time!!!


Today is December 1st. We started this season on *August 1st*.

That's how long it's taken to get here, and that's how long it's taken for the remaining two to forge themselves from people who thought they wouldn't last to the second round into the FINAL TWO.

They've come along way, but which of them has what it takes to win???

Let's find out!!!*g*


FINAL TOPIC: You knew this was coming, it's the same two part question from last season!

Why I should be your next LJ IDOL AND Why my opponent should be your next LJ IDOL

The deadline is Monday December 4th at 1pm EST to link your entries back here.

I'm looking forward to seeing what you have to say for yourselves, and about each other!

Good luck.
Tags: final topic, final vote, season 2
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