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Week 0 Topic

Here is today's Green Room:

Here is the sign up sheet for people interested in playing this season:

Please make sure to sign up if you want to play. You can't tell the players without a program!*G* Seriously though, it's to help keep track and one of the two steps to make sure that people are (reasonably, heh) serious about actually signing up.

The second?

The Week 0 Topic post!!

Which would be this post you are reading!

The topic: Introduction

It's not going to be voted on, but it is required. Consider it a dry run of the weeks to come. (and something to keep you occupied while we wait for the sign ups to close.*g*)

Introduce yourself to new readers, I'm sure you've had to do it before I'm sure you're going to have to do it again at some point in your LJ life.

Who are you and what should people know about you? Have fun with it.

btw - The only things that should be posted to this thread are Week 0 topic links Everything else should go to the Green Rooms.

Just write your entry, post it to your LJ and post the link to it here. edited because I'm an idiot, fortunately most of you knew what I meant!*g*

The deadline to link your entry back here is Monday September 22nd at noon EST. .
Tags: season 5, topic, week 0
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