onyxblue (onyxblue1) wrote in therealljidol,

The Real LJ Idol, Season Two, Round Sixteen

Next week, we will be crowning the new LJ IDOL. Next week one of these extremely talented ladies will be walking away with the ultimate prize.

But this is THIS WEEK.

This is the FINAL THREE — three contestants with the highest drive this competition has seen to date. They have given of themselves week after week, formed bonds with their fellow contestants and connected with new and interesting people along the way.

This week was their last chance to pick their own topic. This was their last chance to make that final gambit in hopes of reaching the finals. Two of them have managed to do that, one has fallen just short of their goal.

It is now up to YOU to decide who that was.

Remember - read all the entries and vote for your favorites!!!

Voting will remain open until Friday December 1st at 1 EST.

Good luck.

Poll #876367 The Real LJ Idol, Season Two, Round Sixteen

The voting booth

Tags: season 2, voting
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