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From the Intern ewok_626,

I was late to work this morning.  Stuck behind a school bus.  Ahh, the first day of school.  New beginnings.  Seeing old friends.  Making new friends.  Meeting your teacher for the first time.  Seeing where your new desk was.  Wearing the new outfit that you just HAD to have.  Being able to open that spiffy new backpack to pull out the new school supplies that your parents had packed the night before.  And then realizing that the cafeteria food has not, in fact, gotten any better since the last school year.

September is only two days away.  Meaning that our fifth season of Idol is around the corner!  More new beginnings!  Meeting new contestants.  Meeting up with the other crazies veterans.  Getting the new topics.  And for the love, there will be GREEN ROOMS!!!  (Which means that I will again be feeding everyone!)

Be watching for the sign-ups, as Gary will randomly just post them without prior reminders.  And be sure to encourage all those around you to join in the insanity crazy awesome fun!  Start getting those creative juices flowing!  The more participants, the better!  Don't be afraid to take the plunge!

And for the record, August 31st is the last day for me to be LJ_Idol Intern.  As of September 1st, I will just be another player like everyone else.  I'm giving up my posting priviledges so that I can play Season Five! 

And since it's lunchtime in the EST...
~Cheese-stuffed shells
~Meat and cheese rigatoni
~Fried chicken
~Tossed and ceasar salads and dressings
~Potato, macaroni, and pasta salad
~Cookies, puddings, brownies, and angel food cake
~Drinks in the cooler 

So how's everyone doing today?  Any plans for your Labor Day weekend?  Is there anyone who has to work on Monday?  And for the love... WHERE ARE THE CHEETOS?!

*free hugs for all*
~Intern Wok


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