ewok_626 (ewok_626) wrote in therealljidol,

Olympics party

A few words from the intern, ewok_626: 

Dear friends, 

I can't believe that you are sitting here online while the Olympics are on TV!  Go root for Team USA!  And for our non-American friends, keep rooting that your country earns those medals!

I was always amazed by the Olympics.  How all of the countries can come together and put their differences aside to compete.  How they can become friends with people they've never known before but bond because they share a love for their sport?

Wait, isn't that what Idol does, too?!  We put our differences aside to compete for that treasured icon (and bragging rights)!  We become friends with people from other countries, too!  (*sends out Aussie and UK love*)  We meet because we love to write.  And even when the competition is through, we are still friends.  Isn't that amazing?! 

The questions of the day:
~What is your favorite Olympic event?
~What event do you think the IOC should add?
~What event should the IOC get rid of?
~If you could compete in an Olympic event, what would it be?
~Do you miss clicky boxes?

Only 13 more days until September... So in 13 days, be watching for the Idol sign-ups!  Encourage your friends to stop by and see what we're about!  Challenge them to get their creative juices flowing!  Come for the competition.  Stay for the people.
*unveils the cooler of pepsi and coke, then platters of bacon, cheetos, and brownies*
*sets the Papa John's delivery on the table beside the brownies*
*runs for her life before she gets caught in the stampede for the bacon*

~Intern Wok

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