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the results are in... and NEW TOPIC INFO

As far as second chances go, hers was a doozy. Being brought back into the game, and beating out top contenders week after week in VERY close races. There was some talk that she could do this all the way up to the finals. Instead, it ended here with the FINAL FOUR.

The latest contestant to be eliminated is brandedeclipse.


For the remaining three - they've been wondering what will happen for Thanksgiving... would they get the week off? Would they be given a "what I'm thankful for" topic? Would they be given turkey and stuffing and would dissolvedgurl just chuckle because she had HER Thanksgiving weeks ago???

The answer to all of the above (well, except the chuckling part) is NO.

There is no time off. There is no Thanksgiving softball thrown across the plate.

There IS an extended period to write the entry. There IS an option for you to get as cheesy as you want to get with the topic.

THAT'S RIGHT - this is your FINAL "open topic" week. You pick the topic!!

You are the FINAL THREE and your one shot at getting to the finals rests solely in your own hands.

Deadline for posting a link to your entry here is Monday November 27th at noon EST... UNLESS you all have your entries in before the weekend. If you do, then voting will start sooner... yes, that's right. You just read that. Voting will start soon after the last of you have their entries in, but no later than Monday at noon!!!!

Good luck and choose wisely!!!
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