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This is why we play it.

The introvert who writes like a dream. Who defies all self expectations on how well she could do in such a social game.

The poet who takes up prose and manages to be briliant at it. Who starts with *40 friends* in Tribe 1 and climbs into a spot on the leader board and selected as Spirit of the season by her peers.

The storyteller who's work grows by leaps and bounds every week, with a decent but not overwhelming friends list who wasn't on anyone's radar as "a threat", but manages to find herself in the finals anyway.

Most people would not have called these three as the finalists. They would have been wrong, all of them are simply amazing. But that is why we play, to find out who can rise to the challenge. These three clearly did.

We play Idol for the unexpected, for finding out what is around the next turn -

for seeing the poll numbers increase until ALL THREE FINALISTS BREAK THE PREVIOUS ALL-TIME VOTE RECORD!!!!!!!(and yes, that includes second place finisher tulip_in_yellow who manages to pull off numbers over 5X her starting FL! (all of them were outstanding, so I know it was a hard choice to make)

For seeing the joy, and the sportsmanship. For experiencing the rush and friendships that are formed.


That said, here they are - the OFFICIAL RESULTS:

Third place - porcelain72
Second place - tulip_in_yellow

and Our Season 4 LJ IDOL, the one and only chite!!!!!

Congratulations chite!!!!!!

You will be able to catch our final three, and in fact our Top 20 on tour at malls across the country, and the world, coming soon! Look for them in your area!!!!*g*

Look for our wrap party to start tomorrow, and information on Season 5 to start coming over the next coming of months.

For now though, the spotlight is shining on the stage and the music is swelling as chite makes her way across the stage.

As for me, I'm going to go collapse now.*g* Hope you had a good time, and I'll see you at the Wrap Party!!!

Dreslinski Out.
Tags: season 4, winner
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