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The Real LJ Idol, Season Two, Round Fifteen

Four extremely talented contestants have just completed what could be called the hardest week of LJ IDOL to date. They chose two topics from the lists provided and came up with some wonderful and thought-provoking entries.

Which means now YOU, the voter, have the hardest time yet before you. You have to cast your votes for your favorites knowing that the one with the fewest votes will be eliminated.

All of them are worthy of your support, all are worthy of moving on to the Final Three, that last step before we crown the NEXT LJ IDOL. One of them, however, won't be moving on, and now it's time for you to decide who that will be.

Read all the entries. Are some stronger than others? What do the two, very different topics show you about the contestant and their abilities?

Factor those things in, take your time and make a decision - then make sure all your friends show up to do the same thing, because at this stage - with these contestants, one vote has been known to be the deciding factor.

Voting will remain open until Tuesday November 21st at noon EST.

Good luck.

Poll #869932 The Real LJ Idol, Season Two, Round Fifteen

The Voting Booth

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