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The Final Vote - Week 30

A few words from clauderainsrmme:


and one of these writers, these incredible women who have allowed us to share the last 7 1/2 months with them.

That's what we set out to do what sometimes seems like a lifetime ago, and other times an all too brief period of time - to find one more to join the ranks of earning the title of LJ IDOL

These three have certainly done that, they have fought to get here, they have endured - and they have grown.

154 contestants were with us that first day. One more came along to join us from the Home Game.

Now there are three, and we are about to have our final vote of the season. Now it is time for us, as a community and as LJ as a whole, to do our duty one more time. To support our favorites one more time. . .

People have asked me: "How should I vote? Should I vote on the final entry or the entire season?"

That's entirely up to you. However you want to decide it. Only you would know your reasons anyway. If you want to judge the full season - I link is here:

If you want to judge on this one entry, where they make the case for themselves as well as the others, well that just so happens to be the entry located in the poll.

Want to pull a purple rock to decide? You can do that too.

I've also been asked who *I* want to win. That one was the easy question, because there really is only one answer to that. There's *always* only one answer to that - Idol. Idol wins regardless of the outcome because we get one hell of a winner!!!
We win with every click of the vote, regardless of who you vote for!

So thank you for making this season so great, and on behalf of the Final Three - Thank you for Voting!!!!

The poll opens now and closes on Thursday June 12th at 8pm EDT.
Good luck you three, I'm rooting for you! Let's make this a good one!

Poll #1202972 LJ Idol, Season Four, Week Thirty
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:

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