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Topics Week 29 - Stage Four (final stage)

People said it couldn't be done - and here the Final Four are to prove that those people were wrong. It not only CAN be done, it can be done in a breath-taking manner.

Once again, all four of them not only beat the deadline, they kick it a couple times as they step over it's remains.

There aren't any choices this time - the topics are the ones that are "left".

But here they are:

The topics are:

Section A:
Home - kittenboo/porcelain72/tulip_in_yellow/chite
My Greatest Accomplishment - chite/kittenboo/porcelain72/tulip_in_yellow
Fire - porcelain72/tulip_in_yellow/chite/kittenboo
Memorial - tulip_in_yellow/chite/kittenboo/porcelain72

Section B:
Never Have I Ever - kittenboo/chite/tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72
Organization - tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72/kittenboo/chite
The Thing of It is - porcelain72/kittenboo/chite/tulip_in_yellow
My Perfect Day - chite/tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72/kittenboo

Section C:
One Lump Or Two - chite/tulip_in_yellow/kittenboo/porcelain72
Running Out - porcelain72/kittenboo/tulip_in_yellow/chite
Favorite Book and Why - tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72/chite/kittenboo
Comfort -kittenboo/chite/porcelain72/tulip_in_yellow

Section D:
"Do over" (previous topic redux other than "open topic" which you can not do, if you need a list I can send it to you) - porcelain72/chite/kittenboo/tulip_in_yellow
Current Events - tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72/chite/kittenboo
The Biggest Crisis Facing the World Today - chite/kittenboo/tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72
What I Wish Someone Would Ask Me- kittenboo/tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72/chite

The deadline is... *drum roll please* Friday June 6th at 8PM EDT.

I'll see you there.

Good luck.
Tags: final four, season 4, topic, week 29
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