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Green Room - Week 29 (continuing)- Weekend Edition

I've been listening to "the people" and there were two distinct messages I have received. Well ok, other than "you're a *&))) Gary!", because let's face it, I get that message all the time!*g* One of them is that it was silly to have a Green Room countdown - but still have "non Green Room threads" to supplement. So, as of now, the Countdown is done. Over. We're still shutting the doors to it at the end of the season, but the countdown itself is gone. Which means back to daily Green Rooms. After all, one of the things it gives is a sense of stability. Considering how "odd" this round is to a lot of people, having that sense of stability is good.

The second message was even more interesting - which is that I concentrate too much effort into trying to be "fair" end up spending too much time attempting to satisfy people who weren't going to be happy regardless. I can see that. There *are* several times during the course of the season that had I just went with a "stfu" instead of trying to explain the process and adjust it for people's concerns that I think they would have had a smoother process. That said - I like to try to bring different viewpoints in - it's one of the disadvantages of having been involved with presenting other people's work, in one fashion or another, for over 20 years now, is that I know that I have my own ideas of what does and doesn't work, so when someone can make me rethink the process it's a good thing. It also means of course that I've been thinking through the process *a lot* longer than most people. So while I do take some of them and adjust them to the structure of Idol, most of them aren't going to be used. Most people are cool with that. Some aren't. That's pretty much an universal truth no matter where you go - if some people don't get their way, it's never going to be "fair" to them - and even if they *do* end up getting what they want, it's not that the system worked after all, it's that they found a way to get around it. . .


For the serial-inclined: Last season's second place finisher and all around (insert description here)bettybaker has an intriguing project going on over at that I think a lot of you might be interested in. norda is also continuing her "Dracula" series.
But the reason we are all here today is for THOSE FOLKS, if you missed it, here's what I had to say about our FINAL FOUR:


and more important that than, here's where they linked their entries so you can read them BEFORE THE POLL. After all, it's a lot of entries. You should make sure to read ahead of time, and LET THEM KNOW WHAT YOU THINK:

Stage 1:
Stage Two :
and check Stage 3 as the entries start coming in to make sure you stay ahead of the curve and comment:

Things are really getting down to the wire, and people have been asking me, "How are we going to handle voting on 16 SWEET entries from our FINAL FOUR?" [I know - but do you?*g*]


Hope you guys are having a wonderful weekend!
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