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Topics Week 29 - Stage 3

Once again, the Final Four manage to absolutely destroy the deadline by getting in their entries ahead of time while continuing to raise the bar as far as quality!

Absolutely remarkable work.

That said, it's time for stage 3. You know the drill. Pick 4 entries you haven't done yet in the comments below and then link the entries back here by Wednesday June 4th at 3 PM EDT


The topics are:

Section A:
Home - kittenboo/porcelain72/tulip_in_yellow
My Greatest Accomplishment - chite/kittenboo/porcelain72
Fire - porcelain72/tulip_in_yellow/chite
Memorial - tulip_in_yellow/chite/kittenboo

Section B:
Never Have I Ever - kittenboo/chite/tulip_in_yellow
Organization - tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72/kittenboo
The Thing of It is - porcelain72/kittenboo/chite
My Perfect Day - chite/tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72

Section C:
One Lump Or Two - chite/tulip_in_yellow/kittenboo
Running Out - porcelain72/kittenboo/tulip_in_yellow
Favorite Book and Why - tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72/chite
Comfort -kittenboo/chite/porcelain72

Section D:
"Do over" (previous topic redux other than "open topic" which you can not do, if you need a list I can send it to you) - porcelain72/chite/kittenboo
Current Events - tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72/chite
The Biggest Crisis Facing the World Today - chite/kittenboo/tulip_in_yellow
What I Wish Someone Would Ask Me- kittenboo/tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72
Tags: final four, season 4, topics, week 29
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