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About Tulip_in_Yellow

Awhile ago I asked the current contestants if they would mind if I posted a few fairly off the top of my head comments about each of them. They said that would be ok. I almost did it at 7, then 5, but I didn't want to space any of them out around a vote. . . so now seemed like as good of a time as any.

I reserve the right to edit once I start hearing people yell.*g* But it's the things that crossed my mind at the time when I sat down to think about each of them. They all are around the same length and cover the same categories.

We will be having four of these - one a day for the next four days, in alphabetical order according to user name. This is the fourth and final entry.

Consider each entry to be your chance for a mini fan club gathering to talk about what YOU LIKE about each contestant and their writing.


Odds of Winning: 1/4

Full Disclosure: She has been on my friends list the longest of the four.

First Impressions: I noticed her fairly early, and much like kittenboo had a good feeling about her lasting awhile. But considering the size of her friends list at the time I wasn't quite sure how it was going to happen.

Writing: The quote that I liked was that she has magical, accessible work that brings the reader along for the ride, which knowing her, could be just about anywhere. Which is completely true. She has a way of bringing a sense of place and energy to her writing.

She reminds me of tru2myart, both in the feel of her writing and tendiency to attack solid walls head first when she felt she had a point to make.

Social: She was a frequent Green Room commenter throughout the season and I think that had a lot to do with people checking out her work and getting to know her back when the field was crowded and kept herself a highly visible figure in the community.

"Game": She has a pimping for votes alliance with one of her closest friends since day 1.

Other than that, to match her own blunt style, I'd have to say that her "game plan" has consisted of telling people exactly what she thought of everything and everyone without very much of a filter. She's the only person I've ever seen who's *had a friends cut DURING a season as the race got tighter*. I think that sums her complete no nonsense approach nicely.

She was named as a target back in when several "power players" were trying to throw each other under the bus. Which is why, when confronted, her name was brought up and it was taken to mean she was one of my favorites by folks wanting to distort things for their own benefit.

Current Impressions: Serious threat to take it all. Solid writer with a stubborn streak a mile long. If there's a way to win through sheer determination and drive, she's the one most likely to find it.

She has a solid base of support within the community as a well as a network of friends and supporters who love her work, and that can make all the difference.
Tags: profiles, season 4, week 29
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