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Awhile ago I asked the current contestants if they would mind if I posted a few fairly off the top of my head comments about each of them. They said that would be ok. I almost did it at 7, then 5, but I didn't want to space any of them out around a vote. . . so now seemed like as good of a time as any.

I reserve the right to edit once I start hearing people yell.*g* But it's the things that crossed my mind at the time when I sat down to think about each of them. They all are around the same length and cover the same categories.

We will be having four of these - one a day for the next four days, in alphabetical order according to user name. This is the third entry.

Consider each entry to be your chance for a mini fan club gathering to talk about what YOU LIKE about each contestant and their writing.


Odds of Winning: 1/4

Full Disclosure: She is not on my friends list, yet

First Impressions: I was excited to see her. She had that "cynical/serious writer" thing going on and much like the other "artistic types" who I saw coming in I thought she would be a much needed voice in the evolution of the season either that or one of the people who were the most likely to say "Screw this!" and drop early. When she didn't I figured we'd be seeing her for awhile.

Writing: The first, and thus far only time I've "broken the fourth wall" and directly mentioned an entry was one of hers. I thought her structure was solid, and her voice clear, but that she was missing an emotional element that would push her work to the next level. I never mentioned it to her, but out of nowhere, not long after I had the thought, she did it in an entry and absolutely nailed it. I got crap about doing that, but if I saw someone hitting an entry *just right* I'd do it again in a heart beat. With her practical style of writing, infused with humor, she acually reminds me quite a bit of tinhuviel.

Social: She's a bit of a loner, and has had moments during the course of the season when I've wondered if that was going to end up hurting her, but has managed to come out her shell more and more as the season has moved along. She has managed to gather quite a following, adding it to enhance her already solid relationships.

"Game": I'm not entirely sure she *has* a "game plan". . . other than the pimping for votes alliance she has had with one of her closest friends since day 1. That said, I think the times when she has reached out to others during the course of the competition have had a bigger impact.

Current Impressions: Serious threat to take it all. She's quite well positioned to make a run. She has been vocal on various issues throughout the season, but not as vocal as some. Nor as silent as others and the ability to pull a rabbit or two out of a hat with her entries when she needs it the most.

She has a solid base of support within the community as a well as a network of friends and supporters who love her work, and that can make all the difference.
Tags: profiles, season 4, week 29
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