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With victory so close you can taste it, once again things get shaken up in a way that you might have not been expecting.

I went to last seasons winner tinhuviel and my assistant on all things technical - not to mention also being Season 1's runner up- onyxblue1 and I asked them for topic suggestions.

I then threw in a couple of my own to make it an even 8 topics.

8 topics, divided into 2 sections. 4 contestants. I'm sure you see where this is going.*g*

Each of the remaining contestants must pick 2 topics. One from the first section and one from the second.

You must then write 2 entries and link them back here.

To select a topic, you must declare what topics you are selecting HERE. It is first come first served. Once someone selects a topic, no one else can select it.

Which of course means the last contestant to make up their mind on what two to write will get the last two remaining topics.

Section 1

"If I became supreme ruler of the Universe...." brandedeclipse

"My most favourite pet of all time..." dissolvedgurl

"What I would do with my life if I didn't have Teh Intarwebs...." wikkidpixie

"What I would do with a million dollars."tru2myart

Section 2

"If you could bequeath your personality traits and talents, to whom would you give what?" brandedeclipse

"If you could make a complete clone of yourself, exactly the same as you as you are now, would you, and what would you do with yourself?"wikkidpixie

"The Mayan calendar says that a new age will begin on December 21, 2012. What do you think this means, and how prepared will you be?" dissolvedgurl

"How would you go about ending the civil war in Iraq?"tru2myart


THE DEADLINE for BOTH entries to be linked back here is Friday Nov. 17th at 1 pm EST.

Good luck - and choose wisely!
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