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Week 29 Topics - Stage Two

All the entries are in!!!

That's right. Not only did our INCREDIBLE FINAL FOUR manage to make the deadline, they did it with TIME TO SPARE!!!

You can read their amazing work by going to

So I'm putting Stage Two into effect starting now!

The Final Four need to select four new topics in the thread below.

The deadline to link your entries back here is Sunday June 1st at 3 PM EDT.

Good luck, and have fun!

The topics are:

Section A:
Home - kittenboo/porcealin72
My Greatest Accomplishment - chite/kittenboo
Fire - porcelain72/tulip_in_yellow
Memorial - tulip_in_yellow/chite

Section B:
Never Have I Ever - kittenboo/chite
Organization - tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72
The Thing of It is - porcelain72/kittenboo
My Perfect Day - chite/tulip_in_yellow

Section C:
One Lump Or Two - chite/tulip_in_yellow
Running Out - porcelain72/kittenboo
Favorite Book and Why - tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72
Comfort -kittenboo/chite

Section D:
"Do over" (previous topic redux other than "open topic" which you can not do, if you need a list I can send it to you) - porcelain72/chite
Current Events - tulip_in_yellow/porcelain72
The Biggest Crisis Facing the World Today - chite/kittenboo
What I Wish Someone Would Ask Me- kittenboo/tulip_in_yellow
Tags: final four, season 4, topics, week 29
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