clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

Green Room - Week 29 - 2

Good morning Idol. *yawn stretch*

Have YOU been reading the FINAL FOUR entries? Man some incredible stuff in there so far - and they are just warming up!!

Honestly there's some really great stuff in the Home Game too - as more and more former (and future?) Idol contestants come back to the fold to write in solidarity thanks to tru2myart and her insanitywacky ideas!

All of this translates into there being some damn good reading out there, and all available here to get your clicky on with!! Please make sure to comment to everyone you do enjoy (be it Final Four or a Home Gamer), and let them know how you feel. I think most people around here know the importance of feedback to the writing process, but I also think that a lot of folks get busy and/or think that "someone else" will provide it. Make sure that "someone else" is you this time ok?

That said - what have been some of your favorites in Stage One?


For that matter - how the hell have you guys been?

I've been all right. Not too awful and nothing too good. So holding steady onto thin air as usual!*g*


9. . .
Tags: green room, season 4, week 29
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