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Awhile ago I asked the current contestants if they would mind if I posted a few fairly off the top of my head comments about each of them. They said that would be ok. I almost did it at 7, then 5, but I didn't want to space any of them out around a vote. . . so now seemed like as good of a time as any.

I reserve the right to edit once I start hearing people yell.*g* But it's the things that crossed my mind at the time when I sat down to think about each of them. They all are around the same length and cover the same categories.

We will be having four of these - one a day for the next four days, in alphabetical order according to user name. This is the second of four.

Consider each entry to be your chance for a mini fan club gathering to talk about what YOU LIKE about each contestant and their writing.


Odds of Winning: 1/4

Full Disclosure: She has been on my FL the second longest of the four.

First Impression: I'll be honest, I had a gut feeling she was going to do really well. I wasn't sure how it was going to happen, but there was a raw potential in her writing that I thought was going to be take her a long, long way. Obviously I was right.

Writing: The quote that I like the most was about one of her more "sexual entries", that it was "hot and surprisingly touching". I think that says a lot right there.

There's a raw emotional energy to her work, regardless of what she is writing about that I think shows through and captures her audience. I was actually struggling to figure out who she reminded me of, until a friend of mine pointed to dissolvedgurl who long time Idol followers will no doubt know is one of my personal favorite writers, and people, in general.

Social: She's gotten out into the Green Room, and formed bonds with a lot of people who didn't really feel like they were part of a "group", thus forming one of their own. But she's also managed to keep a fair amount of respect across the board. Which isn't easy to do.

"Game": She's one of the cases of someone who, for whatever reason, wasn't getting the attention she deserved early on. In fact I *thought* there was a chance she could have been eliminated at a couple points. She and some others bonded together in sheepstations and she really came out of it a stronger writer and competitor in general. She became a bigger fish in a smaller pond and has benefited from more one on one face time with some of her fellow players as a result.

She is also someone who had the potential to have "deep pockets" from the get-go, but didn't use them.

I think that gained her a lot of respect. It certainly gained mine.

She probably has the best head for the game that I've seen, BUT manages to keep it in check and concentrate on her writing. Which is a fine line to walk, and she's been doing it.

Current Impression: Serious threat to take it all. She has a solid voice and isn't afraid to take risks with her entries to stand out in the crowd. She has strong community connections as well as a network of friends and supporters who love her work, and that can make all the difference.
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