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You've Just Been Challenged. . .

A Challenge from Season Two Winnertru2myart:

Congratulations to the final four. All of your hard work and determination has paid off. Out of over 150 people YOU are the final four!

:applauds and throws streamers:

:takes a look at this weeks topics and how much the final four have to write:

Hooo boy.

I'd be willing to bet that you're ready to rip your hair out right now. 16 entries...16 entries!!!! Even I was thinking "What the frick Gary?!?". I took my concerns to him, he explained his thoughts to me, and although I don't agree completely (not like that's unusual or anything) I understand what he's aiming for.

He's forcing the remaining four to lay it all on the line, to throw in everything they have. If you complete this round there will be noone, NOONE, who can complain that this was not a challenging and teeth grinding writing competition. Noone will ever be able to say to you that you are not writers. Only the best of the best would be able to walk through the fire it took to get this far only to continue to push themselves even HARDER to get to the next level.

You can do this, all of you. You're damned fine writers and I'm proud of you all.

That being said, I'm ashamed to admit that when I first saw the challenge my initial reaction was "Oh, I would have been SO out of here!". After all, I have four children, a full time job and barely any time to write what I do as it is.

Shame, shame on me. Am I writer or not? Did I earn Season 2 or didn't I?

So, I'm offering up a challenge to myself as well as all former competitors.

Let's write these entries too. All 16 of them, in the time frame offered.

We can do this. I've read all of your entries this season and the talent was amazing. You may not be in the final four but you earned the spot that you had each and every one of you. You are an incredible talent and we can do this!

I'm rusty as hell and I feel like I'm going to have to pull some serious rabbits out of my butt (no pervy pun intended :grins:) but I know I can do this.

And more importantly, I want to do this.

I really want us all to support the final four. This challenge is not only going to help us keep our own writing strong, not only going to give us a taste of how difficult this stage of the competition is, but it's going to offer us one more opportunity to bond as a community.

So let's do this thing!!!

Pick one topic from each of the four categories, write your entry and post it here before this Thursday. As soon as Gary announces the next time frame we'll start a new post and pick four new categories.

There's no reward for this one, no voting, no moving up in the competition. Only the pleasure of well written words and supporting your team mates.

Let's play LJ Idol one more time.


Happy Birthday to the one and only (because they tried to have two of them at one point and it just backfired, no one likes to talk about it) rosepurr!
Tags: challenge, season 4, week 29
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