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About Chite

Awhile ago I asked the current contestants if they would mind if I posted a few fairly off the top of my head comments about each of them. They said that would be ok. I almost did it at 7, then 5, but I didn't want to space any of them out around a vote. . . so now seemed like as good of a time as any.

I reserve the right to edit once I start hearing people yell.*g* But it's the things that crossed my mind at the time when I sat down to think about each of them. They all are around the same length and cover the same categories.

We will be having four of these - one a day for the next four days, in alphabetical order according to user name.

Consider each entry to be your chance for a mini fan club gathering to talk about what YOU LIKE about each contestant and their writing.



Odds of Winning: 1/4

Full Disclosure: She is the most recent of the four to join my friends list.

First Impression: I've stated before that I had trouble keeping some people straight early on, and that chite was one of those. She was "one of the C's" and "one of rm's friends". She seemed nice enough, but she had the tendiency to blend into the field with a lot of bigger personalities were fighting it out around her.

Writing: The quote that I like about her writing pegged it as "powerful and approachable". I think the latter part of that is her strength. She's a storyteller along the lines of a welfy, and has a very straight forward and approachable style that brings people into her world and engages them.

Social: I haven't heard a single negative remark about chite. She's managed to stay out of conflicts, and stay in the chat rooms.*g* Even the people who don't "know" her on a personal level, know her as the chick with the pink hat who loves Coke Zero!

"Game": Very low key and friendly. Which might be "game" and might just be who she is. She's managed to defy some pretty long odds and surprise quite a few people by getting to this point. Until that is they give her writing a second look with an open mind. Then it starts making sense.

She stayed toward the middle of the pack for long enough to not make it onto anyone's radar as a "threat". Which might just be the key to her success, staying away from the problem areas and just keeping herself focused on writing and making friends.

Current Impression: Serious threat to take it all. Well liked across the board and putting out some her strongest work toward the end of the competition. She's very much a "journal writer", and brings the same sensibility to her "regular" entries as she does her Idol entries.

She has strong community connections as well as a network of friends and supporters who love her work, and that can make all the difference.
Tags: final four, profiles, season 4, week 29
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