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Elimination Week 28

If someone were to say "Gary has a favorite to win", by pretty much any definition there would need to be two major factors involved in making that determination:

(1) Me saying "She's my favorite to win" would be a pretty solid one.

(2) Me actively getting excited when someone signs up because I'm a bit of a fan, that would probably be a pretty close second.

Last season I did a lot in the way of personal evaluations of where *I* felt people were at during the course of the season. I did a check at one point this season and people indicated that they didn't want them. So I checked again at 7 and they said they were fine with them. For one reason or another I just never got them the way I wanted. . . that said, back in Season 3 I made a prediction at the midway point at who the person was to beat. It wasn't the expected choice, or even *one* of the highest vote getters. Rather it was someone that I thought combined all the elements it takes to win with a writing style that not only engaged the reader but showed a great deal of promise for further growth. Unfortunately real life caught up to her and she had to drop out of the season before she could realize that win.

This season I was actually lamenting that she hadn't come back. . . and almost as soon as it left the tips of my fingers, there she was!

For me, the start of this season was a bit rocky writing wise. But that's because I was used to seeing her going full-tilt. That, and I'm sure there was a bit of rose colored glasses on my end of things.

But she developed on that promise she showed last season, and now despite being voted out this week does have a record of her own to hang on the wall - Best Performance by a Returning Player!
Rarely does someone coming back for a second (or third in some cases) season do better than they did the first time around. This season several of them did, showing that it can be done, and done well.

She did the best at it, coming in *5th out of 155*!!!

imafarmgirl, the last "veteran" of Idol is leaving us this week.
Tags: eliminations, season 4, week 28
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