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Free Topics/Home Game

Good evening.

I thought now was as good of a time as any to throw some Free Topics out there for you.

For people who may not know what a Free Topic is, it tends to come from one of you guys and anyone can write on it and post the link back to this thread.

This thread is also the place to post your Home Game entry (the topics that the current contestants are writing).

The Free Topics for this week are:

Friends at a Distance Tell us about an LJ friend who is the furthest from you in outlook (ie: intellectual / lifestyle / political / religious / etc)? What makes them special to you or why do you keep them around? (from roina_arwen)

A little known fact. The advent of the internet has given us access to a host of fascinating, amusing and unbelievable facts about the world around us. It's now time to enlighten your readers on a fact you discovered that either taught you something you didn't already know, entertained you or made you go "yeah, right!" (from desert_rose)

Anonymity (unfortunately I lost the user name attached to this one, I just have the name "Liz". So please me know if this one is yours, although considering the topic, it's pretty funny.*g*)

The deadline to link your Free Topic and/or Home Game entries here is Monday May 26th at noon EDT.
Tags: free topic, home game, season 4, week 28
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