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Eliminations Week 27

Holy Grap People!!!

Our final week of immunities in Season 4 and we turn out TWO CONTESTANTS BREAKING THE PREVIOUSLY SET SEASON 4 VOTING RECORD (and one coming really really close). (there were a couple moments there that I thought we were shooting for the "all time" mark!) AND ANOTHER IMPORTANT MILESTONE.(see below for that one).

This week we say goodbye to




n_decisive was one of those contestants that people seemed to notice right off as being a contender. But not in an "OMG she's going to destroy us!" more of a, yeah, she has a good shot at winning, and I'm ok with that." Amazing writer and tremendous supporter of the process even when other people chose to remain silent you could always count on her to speak up when she thought something needed to be addressed. I really can't say enough good things about her. She's truly going to be missed around here.

superhappytime on the other hand. . . heh, ok, I need to be serious, even though I've been known to give the guy a hard time now and then. The truth of the matter, from Day 1 he *really* reminded me of pseudonymjones from Season 3. Which is a pretty high compliment considering that was most people's early pick to win the the whole thing last season.

Even when he was saying there was no way he was going to last, I saw that same spark in his writing.

That said, I promised a few paragraphs up to talk about another major accomplishment this week. I did some checking and I was in fact wrong with something that I've said multiple times this season. lifeofjason came in *7th* in Season 2. mezzominty did come in 6th during Season 1, so technically there is a tie, but considering that was out of 9 and this is out of 155 I think it's safe to say that superhappytime can now officially be considered the Most Dominant Male to Ever Play Idol with a 6th place finish. Congratulations!!

I know you both would have liked to go further, and there are many people who have supported you over these last *7 months* who would have loved to see that happen. But 6th and 7th out of 155? I don't think that's anything less than amazing and you both should be really proud of what you have accomplished.

Thank you for everything.
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