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Green Room - Week 27 - Weekend Edition

As we wait for the polls to reveal whatever they are going to reveal, I was looking back over the season. It's kind of like watching a repeat of a show, you go back through and look for the clues that were left that tell the tale of how you got to the end.

Some random things that struck me as interesting - maybe you'll be interested too, probably not, but hey, maybe -

Number of players in the Top 7 who signed up ON PAGE ONE: 2 (both of them have immunity this week btw)

Number of players in Top 7 who signed up ON PAGE 6 (there were 7 pages, but the last one only had two names and my comment that we were closed): 2 (neither one has immunity this week.


Tribe 1: 3 Jury Members. 1 in the Top 7. tulip_in_yellow
Tribe 2: 3 Jury Members. 2 in the Top 7. superhappytime, n_decisive
Tribe 3: 3 Jury Members. 4 in the Top 7 chite, kittenboo, imafarmgirl and porcelain72

Number of Top 7 left who were on my FL in Week Zero - None.

Number of Top 7 who are on my FL in Week 27 - 4

Number of Top 7 currently on my FL who have immunity this week - 0

Number of Pepsis kithan has consumed since Week 0 - 1,000,002.

Many of heart breaks - many

Many of times being overwhelmly happy for people - many more

Friends made this season - a ton

Numbers of foes made this season - define "foe".*G*

First time this season that I "took everyone aside" with a "people will try to tell you that you can't do it" talk: (seems to be) week 5

People that I am proud of for how well they did this season: 155.
Tags: green room, season 4, week 27, weekend edition
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