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Vote! Week 27

A few words from clauderainsrm:
It's one shake-up after another. But by now, you're pretty much used to that. Anyone who knows where the next step is going to be at this point is either fooling themselves, or well they know me pretty well!*G*

I gave the jury time to deliberate before results started coming in because their decision was going to be a hard one. They didn't realize it was going to be making one of the biggest impacts in the game thus far!

Which is only appropriate considering that this is the last week where the jury is in place.

I gave them the usual instructions. Read the entries and rank your favorites 1-7 (1 being the best). I told them to do this separately with each topic.

Which means, you would think, that we would be handing out TWO IMMUNITIES this week right?

*shakes head* Nope.

Because it's the person with the lowest vote total in the first one, the person with the lowest vote total in the second, and the person (other than those two) with the lowest *COMBINED* vote total.

That's right, in a field of 7, *3* of them are off the hook this week and have a spot in our Top 5. The other four will have to fight for those last two spots!!

Who has immunity? It was *close* in all categories, but in the end the three spots went to:

So congratulations to you, and thank you to the jury for your hard work over the last couple of weeks!

As for the poll… voting starts now and will close Sunday May 18th at 9am EDT. That's a really short window for such high stakes! The vote totals for each entry will be combined, the two with the lowest vote totals will be going home.

Good luck to all of you. All of you deserve to be here, and all of you deserve a spot in the Top 5. Unfortunately though people do have to be cut, and it's up to the voters to decide who that is going to be.

Tags: immunity, season 4, vote, week 27
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