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We started with 24 eager faces - each of them with one dream, to become the NEXT LJ IDOL

Now we have 5.

But who are these people and what have they done in this competition?

brandedeclipseThe Comeback Kid. She, and bhyphen were put up for elimination when Wikkidpixie used her immunity to save another contestant. Bhyphen had his alliance to save her, brandedeclipse wasn't so lucky and ended up being eliminated in a controversial and emotional close tie-breaker. She was brought back along with lifeofjason by simplysakka in yet another twist to this game. She knows what it's like to be voted out... and what it takes to stay in this game. She's been called, by a fellow competitor, "the best writer in the competition". After a couple *very* close calls - is this the end of her run OR has it motivated her support base to work even harder to keep her in?

deyaniera: The Veteran and Early Favorite. She's the only remaining player from last season still in this. She was favored to win going in last season, she was an early favorite to win this time. She's had some good weeks, she's had some scary weeks, but she's always pulled through. It was once thought that she, simplysakka and brujah would ride this thing out to the final three. Now, she's the only one left from that group. Is that a sign of things to come or will she continue her winning ways?

dissolvedgurl The Doubting Foreigner.In week one she declared that she was going to be the first one out. A lot of hard work and several scares - she's still here. As the only remaining non-American in this competition, does that give her an edge or single her out? Does it make a difference? Can she continue to overcome the odds and her doubts and find a way to win?

tru2myart The Sudden Legend. She started this competition still fairly new to LJ and knowing barely anyone. Now she stands with a sizeable friends list and support system. Her fellow players declared her "The Spirit of LJ IDOL". Is spirit enough? Has she come far enough to win this? She had won 20 extra votes - she used a few to save brandedeclipse, which eliminated the popular brujah... she then used her remaining votes, spacing them out so that they would have no impact on the outcome. Will her kindness help or hurt her as the competition gets tighter?

wikkidpixie The Powerhouse. Again, another person who declared herself to be the one most likely to be out first... and then out second and then... next thing you knew she was running the tables voting wise, dominating week after week. She even went so far as to make sure she got her entry in one week where she was on a vacation cruise! Has she used up her base too soon? Can she expand it enough to stave off the others?

Which one of these talented women will be YOUR NEXT LJ IDOL? That, dear voters, is for you to decide!!
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