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Green Room - Week 27 - Day 1

I promised a couple people that I'd open up the floor on Monday for this, so here it is:

I know some of you have been following the LJ Advisory Board elections. Heck, some of you are *running* in them or you know someone who is doing it.

But I'm just as sure there are people staring blankly going "What is the LJ Advisory Board and WTF does it mean to me?" does a decent job of detailing what the Board is, and it's current membership. It's a serious group of people with a serious job to do.

Some people don't seem to think so, because they get caught up in the whole "it's just the internet" logic that fails to address that "just the internet" might be what it is to them, but that in the case of Livejournal, there are actual people in the BIG HORRIBLE COMPANY doing real actual jobs, putting food on the table. Just because one person uses their LJ to post the latest LOLcat adventures (and hey, who doesn't?*g*)/meme doesn't mean that we all do, or that each facet of "just the internet" doesn't actually involve someone's life. Shrugging it off works for some, but I think most people do recognize that a social site such as LJ does carry with it community responsibility.

IMO, when a company opens it's doors to the marketplace and asks folks to step up as advisors (note: no one said they were going to *obey* them, heck, no one said they were going to run every single decision past them, that would be a horrible way to run a company... but if you read that link about the proposed purpose of the Board, it could be an important one.)that we need to send them our best and our brightest. We need to send them the people who we know will have our best interests at heart.

Which is why I wanted to open up the floor here to find out what issues YOU, as LJ users (and ones that obviously enjoy this little corner of the universe) think are the most important, and that you want to hear what the various candidates have to say about them.

I think that if LJ is something that matters to you that you should take the time to figure how who would be your best voice to represent your viewpoint to "The Powers That Be" in a professional manner. The elections are going to take place from May 22nd to May 29th, so its coming up fast and there *are* a fair amount of serious candidates (and a few "huh?" folks, which is to be expected) who I'm sure would be happy for your support, and for your questions!!

( is where you can actually see the candidates who are declaring their intention to run. It's quite an interesting process. )

edit to add: What do YOU think are the biggest issues that LJ needs to address?


or of course just talk about the Survivor finale/what's going on...*g*
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