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Eliminations Week 26

As things have continued toward the end, I've been thinking more and more of what I want to say to each person as they are eliminated. Most of it comes out completely scattered and likely just plain wrong!*g*

But I'll try to stumble through it anyway.

In this case, these are two women who came in with something in common other than being wonderful writers and all around decent people.

They were friends of friends of mine. Sure, a lot of people fit that bill at the start. But in the case of monkeysugarmama it turned out that she *worked* with a couple people I met way back in my fanfic days. (One of my cats is *named* after her boss!!!!)

With puppetmaker40 I'd seen her just about everywhere on my FL, but I'd literally been afraid to approach her. After all, I'm a fan of her husband's work, and I just didn't think that was fair to her - because she deserved to be dealt with on her own merits, and at the time I couldn't do that.

I'll freely admit when she first signed up for the season I did a little dance of "Contestants SO's ALWAYS end up hating me. . . OMG Peter David is going to sit around complaining about me! That is SO COOL!!!!" Heh, yeah I'm a bit of a fanboy.

The more I got to know her though the more I liked her - and the more I read of her own writing and of her life, the more of a fan I became of *her*. Which, is pretty freaking cool.

Having her make it to this point, and thus getting to spend more time around her (hopefully she sticks around, and she *is* on my friends list now) has been an absolute delight.

Speaking of absolute delights, monkeysugarmama.

Here's where I reveal things you didn't know. You know how I said the Spirit vote was close between several people? She was the closest. Since the jury started, she's also been within one or two votes of getting immunity.

She's also been the person mentioned to me more THAN ANY OTHER PLAYER as being the "dark horse to win".

Not sure if that makes things better or worse. But since I've never shared any of that information, I wanted her (and you guys) to know that. Wonderful to be around, always supportive, and oh yeah, someone who's words often held you in the palm of her hand.

You both will be tremendously missed (by me, and I know by others as well), in the competition - HOWEVER, you will be crossing over to the jury to have your say in how this is going to play out.

Congratulations to you both, and thank you for everything you have brought to this season.
Tags: eliminations, season 4, week 26
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