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I've wondered what I would say if it came to this. Someone missing the deadline because of what I can only assume was RL happening the way it often does.

I never did come up with a good response, anything that I was remotely happy with.

Certainly nothing worthy of someone like fidgety, the last of Team Badgerpants.

When they showed up I was *SO* happy. It was this group that seemed really artistic and talented - I was sure they were going to inject something new into the process. They did. They all did.

I think fidgety more than most. Maybe that's because she lasted the longest, or maybe it's because of what she brought to the table just by being fidgety.

I'm a huge fan of her work, and I do know that the move probably didn't help with schedule conflicts and something was bound to get lost in the shuffle. Still, I'm awfully sad to see her go. She was one of those folks that *no one* really wanted to have to go against in the finals. But if they couldn't go, she was the one they wanted to see there.

Thank you so much for a wonderful run fidgety, thank you for everything.

You will be missed in the contest, but as of now, you are a member of the jury, so your presence will be felt for the remainder of the game.
Tags: eliminations, season 4, week 26
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