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Week 26 - Vote!

A few words from clauderainsrmme:

I actually did this one all on my own (ok, I had notes from kithan), but hey, I'm reasonably proud of me!*G*
So remember, if the poll is messed up, it's all her fault for going to Vegas!

Seriously though - wow. Just wow.

Have you read the entries? There's only 109 of them.

You should, before you hit that little check mark next to your favorite's name(s). Actually sit down and read all of them. Every week you learn a little more about the competitors, from what they do talk about - and heck even from what they don't talk about in some cases. There's a devastating beauty to the human experience, and I think that shows through in their words.

Even if you think you know who you want to cast that vote for, take the time to read the entries. Maybe you will find someone else to support as well - maybe you might make a new friend that you have something in common with - or heck, maybe you might just take a few minutes out of your life to read something worth reading. It's worth clicking the button to find out. At worst? You lose a couple minutes. At best? There's no telling what that one little click might do.

I know there's a lot of new people coming in, and thus a lot of new faces around reading what people have to say - and it's reflecting in the vote totals from the last couple of weeks.

Welcome. Tell your friends.*G*

But more importantly let people know when you have read something that made you want to support it. Maybe you laughed. Maybe you cried. Or, I don't know. . . I'm just saying that the best way to let people know there is something worth their time to sit down and read is to let them know about it.

These 10 9 are absolutely amazing, and it's going to be even harder to vote two of them out. But that's what we are doing this week.

The voting opens now and goes until Saturday May 10th at 9am EDT at which point we will be saying goodbye to a couple of outstanding writers and continuing our quest to find the next LJ IDOL.

As has been the case, the jury will be giving one of these folks immunity, keeping them safe from the vote, and making them one of the Top 8 7. I will announce that decision as soon as the jury votes are in and tallied.

The votes last week were *tight* among these remaining 10 9, which means that literally anything can happen. The old front runners are gone. The "new frontrunners" are part of the pack now with only a couple votes separating them from everyone else. Your support for them has never been more important.
Make sure that your voice is heard.

Poll #1184341 LJ Idol, Season Four, Week Twenty-Six
This poll is closed.

The Ballot:

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