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I believe the appropriate phrase here is "Grap and Double Grap".

At this point losing anyone is painful, but given the Salute to the Derby that happened in the final stretch. . . wow, at one point it was starting to look as if a little over half the poll was vulnerable to elimination!

Whatever happens week to week we are going to be losing top notched writers, and I hope everyone knows that and just takes a moment to consider regardless of where your personal favorite happens to be eliminated, that they started out in a field of *155 contestants*. Getting to this point is a victory.

So now the hard part, saying goodbye...

The two contestants leaving us today are




One of them I was a late comer to the bandwagon. The other I've been personally following from the start.

For whatever reason, az_starshine just didn't pop up on my radar for weeks on end. I knew she was there, and the writing was good - but you know, it really does come down to different tastes and that "it" factor of being able to grab someone's attention and hold it. Sometimes it's not even you - sometimes it's the person doing the reading. That was the case here.
It ended up being tru2myart, one of my closest friends and Season 2 winner, who started singing az_starshine's praises to me first. Loud and often. So I gave her another shot, and *&()_) me if she wasn't right. (Don't tell her I said that.*g*)
I don't know if az_starshine came into her own during the season, or if it just took someone I trust to sit me down and tell me "read this". . . but I'm guessing that other people were doing the same because she went from someone I saw hovering toward the bottom of the polls to someone who would be fairly dominate.
I probably know her the least out of the all of the remaining contestants, but what I *do* know seems to be a truly talented and caring individual who will be very much missed.

unsold_capacity is a different story. She's not caring at all.*G* (Heh, sorry couldn't resist that!*g*)
Seriously though I spotted her right off. Day 1. Scratch that. Day 0. She quickly became one of my sentimental favorites.
I wasn't sure how she would do, because she often went off the beaten path for a bit, and then cut a walkway off to the side of *that*!!!
The fact that she's standing here, after starting with something like 4020 friends. . . to me that says a lot about her, and it says a lot about the game itself.
She went off on rants now and again*g*. But I knew where they were coming from. She cared about Idol, and was just frustrated at certain people.
Her writing, her passion, her spirit - these are all going to be missed in the game, but not the jury!!
Ok, I'm actually getting a little more worked up about this one than I expected/wanted to be... so I'll just skip to the end.

These two very talented women are leaving the ranks of the contest, and becoming part of the jury where they will help shape the remainder of the game on a weekly basis!

Thank you so much for, well, everything.
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