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The REAL LJ Idol, Season Two, Round Thirteen

(We now return you to your regularly scheduled poll)

Welcome to another round of voting. From the entries, I can tell you that this is going to be a TOUGH week to have to eliminate someone. All of them are top notch - that is, if you take the time to read them all and you had BETTER be reading them all at this point! Slackers who are "just voting for their friends" are missing out on some of the best reading, and some of the best people, on LiveJournal!!!!

Unless of course you're lucky enough to have all 6 of these ladies on your friends list in which case, good job!

After this vote, there will be 5 more left. It's been a hard, hard journey and it's about to get even more difficult as the competition heats up in this final stretch.

Which of these fierce competitors is going to have what it takes to become the NEXT LJ IDOL? That, my friends, is up to you!!!

Vote early and tell all of your friends to get out here and vote. tru2myart has those 17 votes, and the clock is ticking for how long she has to use them. Will they tip the entire contest on its ear or will she spread them out to make no impact at all? Only she knows for sure.

There are 6 folks left — and second to last might not be good enough anymore. Time to step up the game and crank out those votes.

THIS IS LJ IDOL and the polls open now.

Voting will end on Monday Nov. 6 at 3 EST.

Good luck to everyone.

Poll #859819 LJ Idol Season Two: Round 13

The Voting Booth

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