clauderainsrm (clauderainsrm) wrote in therealljidol,

the horrifying truth or the verdict is in and the new topic is posted...

On the day where the barriers between the worlds is the thinnest - when the dead visit the living we put to rest one of the two contestants who had been ressurrected from the "dead". Lifeofjason had been given a new lease on life, but ultimately, it was not enough.

He was the last man standing - and now we know that once again, a woman is going to be win LJ Idol.

He fought the good fight and he will be missed.


But now we have 6. One step away from the TOP FIVE!!!

This week's topic is about today... it's about the link between the dead and the living.

If you could speak to the dead - who would you want to speak with? What would you ask them? What do you think they would ask you?

Deadline to post your entry back here is Friday November 3rd at 2 pm EST Yes, I know that's only a couple days away... so get cracking!!!*g*
Tags: season 2, topics
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