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Free Topic/Home Game Entries

Yes, you've read that subject line right. Not only am I revealing a brand new "anyone can do it and link here" FREE TOPIC I'm also saying that this nifty thread would be a pretty damn fine place to post the links to your Home Game posts as well!!

That's two for the price of one um, none?!!

Anyway, your Free Topic this time around comes from none other than our own kathrynrose who writes "Dear Casey..." Wait, wrong email...

The new Free Topic is It seemed a good idea at the time.

I'll go out on a limb and say *everyone* has one of those stories (at least one)! So what are you waiting for, hop on in for some Free Topic fun.

While you are doing that, take a look at the folks who wrote on the last Free Topic as well and make sure to let them know what you think:

The deadline to have your Free Topic entries linked to this post is Friday April 18th at 3pm EDT.

The deadline to have your Home Game entries linked here is, well whenever.*g*
That's why it's the Home Game!

Make sure to keep sending me your ideas for topics to You never know when you will be seeing YOUR TOPIC here OR as an Idol topic!

Have fun.
Tags: free topic, home game, season 4, week 23
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