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Spirit of LJ Idol - Season Four

Yes. You read that correct.

It's that time.

"But Gary, don't we usually have that at 10?"

*smiles* You were expecting it at 10. No one was waiting for it to come at 14! But given the size of the field, I wanted to a chance for the contestants to select one of their own.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. There are some people who don't know what the hell I'm talking about after all!

Every season there is an award given out, by the contestants left in the game, to one of their own. The only real criteria I set is that they be the person that they feel "made the season" for them. Someone who's presence helped define things - and who they want to be able to have a big influence over how things ARE GOING TO play out.

Why? Because the Spirit Winner not only gets a shiny new icon, they also get the *biggest power options* in the game. So you have to give it to someone that you know will use it in a way that will make you proud. That's a lot of trust, and for the past two seasons people have given this power, this honor out to one of their own.

Every season I've guessed at who it is going to be, who people are going to pick and EVERY SINGLE SEASON THUS FAR I've been wrong. Including this one.

This time I emailed them and asked for them to pick their top three, in order, that they wanted to honor with this award.

I probably shouldn't have been surprised that it was close. *Every single contestant* had someone (not themselves) cast a vote for them. Which I think says a lot for the quality of people involved.

Before I received the last couple of votes, I counted and there was a *6 way tie*!!!! The last couple of votes though tipped the scales and gave us our winner, who joins the ranks of previous season Spirit Award winners tru2myart and spydielives -


Congratulations tulip_in_yellow!

She has a choice of which power(s) to select, each of them potentially having a huge impact on the game as it plays out:

- Votes. The last couple of vote totals have been taken, and averaged out the amount of votes separating the bottom vote getters from the top. This amount (in this season that number is 36) is the number of "free votes" available. The Spirit has the option of selecting to receive "free votes" to cast as she sees fit, to use for herself or to add to someone else's total. These votes are usable between now and the Final Four. Essentially it is a type of immunity, with a twist.

- Bringing Back Players. The Spirit has an option of bringing two previously eliminated players back into the game.

- Mix and Match. The Spirit has the option of taking half the "free votes" (18) and bringing one player back into the game.

What is she going to pick? I don't know. But it's going to be interesting to see what she decides and how this plays out!
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