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Free Topic - Week 22

*Watches people stare at the post*

Yes, you just read that right. The amount of suggestions I have received has been amazing. Some of them are going to make it into regular circulation in the coming weeks, but I wanted to let some of the rest of them come out to play as well.

Besides, I kind of liked that "Free Topic" that we had a couple weeks back. So it's back as a semi-regular feature. Think of it as the expanded Home Game!

The first of our Free Topics is from long time listener, first time caller
bwh who wanted to see people touch his heart in a positive way. His suggestion, and YOUR FREE TOPIC is The Good Things in Life!

I'm sure there are people out there who have some really good things going on, or maybe just that little gem under the surface of suck.
Either way, that's the topic - run with it.

Anyone can write on the Free Topics and post their entries as links to this entry.

The deadline for this is Friday April 11th at 1pm EDT. Only links to your entry should be posted here. Half the internet will be eliminated at the end of the week... oh wait.. sorry, force of habit!*G* Have fun.
Tags: free topic, season 4, week 22
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