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Green Room - Week 21 - Day 2

Good morning.

I almost decided to do an "April Fools" entry, but then figured people could make fools of themselves on their own without my help!*G*

I'm sure there's enough of that going on out there anyway. When I logged into gmail this morning I saw the "new time features" that allow people to backdate their emails or make them appear as if they were read days ago - perfect for missed anniversaries!*G* I wonder how many people actually looked at it and went "wow! What a great feature!!!", probably more than I really want to think about.

So what foolishness are you guys up to today?*G*


I did say that I was going to comment on the people leaving us this week. I finally was able to clear my head enough to do it:

chazari - Back at the start I always get people confused. It never, ever fails. Before I can start putting names to faces I mentally combine people. I'd constantly get chazari confused with chite!

They don't "sound" anything alike, the names aren't *that* close together (unlike the series of reds, and moons, golden stars and purple horseshoes.) As time went on though I really though she was doing a decent job. I could tell the burnout was setting in though, as happens to the best of them.

I'm glad she was able to stick it out though and go out, if not swinging, at least saying that she wanted to swing, but didn't have the energy to lift the bat. Stepping up to the plate is a win in my book.

jennieknits - This might be the one that gets me in trouble. There's always one, and it figures that Jennie would be the trouble maker!*g*

Of all the people cut this week she is the one that I would have wanted to see around the most. I think she is just starting to realize and tap into her potential and I would have, on a personal note liked to have seen her around longer.

That said, her spreadsheets were more colorful, just saying. spydie.*G* And oh, if I could clone an army of Jennies it would be the most adorable army ever. Oh wait, *there* is the comment that gets me in trouble! I knew it was in here somewhere!*g*

laurelian - Do you have ANY idea how many times she beat the odds and stayed alive? She pulled out some squeakers vote wise. Some entries were so-so for me, but then she would pull something completely out of left field.

It was as if the pitch went right over her personal plate and people would be left going "Who is that????". So it was always hard for me to get a real handle, because one week I'd think "It's a shame" and the next I would be sure she was going to be in no danger whatsoever.

minikin and roina_arwen: Pretty sure they are actually the same person. Heh, ok, maybe not. But they came in together, right? It's only fitting that they go out together as well. Both extremely solid writers, not really more to say than their stuff frequently got to me. Which is a good thing.

Both are also really nice people, and I'm lucky to have gotten to know them over the course of this season. I know other sections are longer, but these two I know I'll be seeing around so I'm not going to "miss them" as much.*G*

sircaliban - As a writer? Surprising. He had more than his fair of gems that I don't think got the level of appreciation they should have during the course of the season. As a player and person? One of the most level headed and sensible people I've come across.

He knew what it was he was in for, he played along, by his own standards of conduct and didn't really let it impact his personal life as far as I can see. If I get that cloning machine working, anyone in Season 5 will be competing against at least 20 of him.

spydielives - Crazy. Completely and utterly crazy as a bedbug's spreadsheet! We've talked about how I thought she did this season. She had her ups and downs. But I think she's walking away a better writer and a more centered person.

I could be wrong though, she could be rocking back and forth plotting my doom. This IS Spydie we're talking about after all!!!*g* You love her, hate her, or possibly are part of her. She made an impact on the season, and on pretty much everyone in it. There's a reason she was long considered a shoo-in for the finals.

tryslora - Was she even in this season? Really?* (* I promised her that I'd say that whenever it was that she left. She's a personal friend, for those who don't know.)

twirlandswirl - It's no lie that I have a bias in favor of "Twirly". Sure she's crazy (but not usually as crazy as spydie) but she's also incredibly sweet. Plus, she can write a mean entry when she really puts her head into it. We saw this here and there this season, but unfortunately RL wasn't as kind as I would have liked for her.

People from last season will know what I'm talking about with her being on her game! I think over all her entries when "on" were better this season. She's without a doubt improving as time goes on, which is what *should* be happening. From a personal standpoint - It's thrilling to watch the progression.

walkertxkitty - OK, maybe *here* is where I step in it. I think she might have gotten lost in the shuffle, go back and read her entries. Some of you have, others haven't. But I really like them. I was looking back over, trying to remember the phrase that I was connecting with her, from an entry early on. But I couldn't find it. But I found myself looking over the entries again and, and I know I keep saying this, but I see a great deal of promise in her work.

More than she's probably been given credit for having. Heck, what do I know? Maybe she has a cult of followers that I just never came across! Last entry really wasn't, IMO, as good as the others. More of a hodge-podge in some ways, but I can see where she was going with it. She really does have a "western"/"folksy" style about her and maybe that just didn't connect in the right way. Not sure... but if the greater LJ community get the chance, go back and read her stuff. It's well worth the trip she will take you on.

wildcatwrites - What can I write about the thick skinned I will eat your babies for breakfast wildcatwrites that she hasn't already said? She's been interesting to have around, and I mean that in every sense.*G*

Seriously though, there were some moments early on that she was touch and go for staying in, if memory serves, and I was quietly rooting from the sidelines because when she *nailed it* she would nail it. She didn't always.

But when she's on her game it's impressive. Even if things didn't work out the way that a lot of people would have liked with her, I'm glad for the experience of having met her through this season.
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