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Free Topic

With the fates of our 32 contestants in the hands of the Gatekeepers, who have until Monday to give me their answer, I figured that it was time for our FIRST EVER “Free Topic”!

What is a “Free Topic”?

I give out a topic, but unlike every other week in Idol history, ANY ONE can write and link their post here. So if you’ve been playing the home game, or just go “hey, why not…” go ahead and link it here!

There isn’t going to be a vote on it, and it doesn’t impact the standings of anyone in the competition in the slightest. So if they DON’T feel like doing it, *shrug*. It’s something to keep you busy though!

So what topic am I bringing out for this? Well usually it’s considered THE MOST HATED TOPIC in LJ IDOL HISTORY! Mostly because in order to do it well you have to balance the impulse for out right pandering and the risk of alienating people who might be voting for you.

That, and it’s pretty lame.*G* But sometimes that’s the point. If you are able to take something that should be dull or flat and turn it into something people WANT to read, that says a lot!

So here it is. Your “Free Topic”: “My Favorite LJ User”.

You know them, you love them – now share them with the world, so other people can learn to love them too.

Post your entry links (and ONLY your links, it’s still a topic thread after all!) here by Monday March 31st at noon EST.

Figured I’d give you a deadline as well!

Have fun.
Tags: free topic, season 4, week 20
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